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Nevertheless, three fundamental types of fana-baqa include all the individualized experiences of fana-baqa.

The first of the three fundamental types is the rudimentary. This type is the fana-baqa of the phenomenal, false life in Illusion experienced by all who, daily "passing-away-in" fana, gain baqa to "abide-in" Illusion every day. This rudimentary fana-baqa of the ordinary phenomenal, false life is composed of the ordinary sound sleep state and the ordinary awake state....

The second type of fana-baqa is of the planes on the Path towards attainment of the goal and differs from the rudimentary type of the ordinary phenomenal, false life in Illusion, although this second type of fana-baqa of the planes is also illusion.

In every plane, from the first through the sixth plane on the path, the full consciousness evolved is being gradually withdrawn inwards or involved. Hence, the fana-baqa of the planes is in accordance with the impressions impregnating the involving consciousness and differs from the first type of rudimentary fana-baqa of the impressioned consciousness that is fully evolved or is still in the process of evolution.

Every plane on the path towards the goal of fana-fillah has its fana-baqa while the fully evolved consciousness is being gradually involved in conjunction with progressive advancement in the planes.

But the generalized meaning of the Sufi term "fana" is the "passing-away-in" the absolute vacuum of the original God-Is state.

Therefore, whether the fana is of the rudimentary type of the ordinary phenomenal, false life or of the second type of the planes on the path, it does not make any difference at all. In both types the fana ("passing-away-in") is fundamentally the same, for daily in the sound sleep state the impressioned consciousness, in both cases, "passes-away-in" the same state of absolute vacuum, regardless of all the differences in the types of impressions of Illusion.


GOD SPEAKS, 1st Indian ed, 2001, pp. 131-132
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