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Part 2


Meher Baba

Simultaneously with the complete involution of consciousness, and on gaining super-consciousness, the mind is finally completely annihilated and vanishes once and for all time together with all impressions. The false experiences of the limited ego or "I," mind, energy, body and the world all disappear forever, vanishing completely, because all these experiences were but the outcome of the impressions generated out of the Nothing, which literally meant nothing and were nothing.

Consequently, with the vanishing of the limited ego or "I," mind, energy, body (typifying happiness) and worlds with all of their corresponding paraphernalia, a state of absolute vacuum is spontaneously experienced by the consciousness, which remains eternally when once it is gained.

At this stage God, in the man state as man, with full consciousness as super-consciousness, is now only conscious of absolute vacuum &mdash the consciousness is now fixed and focused on "Absolute Vacuum" itself.

This vacuum is absolute in entirety; vacuum alone prevails and there is an entire absence of the Nothing as well as of the Everything. This is therefore called the "Divine, Absolute Vacuum," and it is not born of Illusion, but it is born of Reality.

This state of divine vacuum prevails just at the instant when the Nothing disappears or vanishes and just immediately before the Everything fills in that vacuum to give conscious experience of the reality of the "I am God" state.


GOD SPEAKS, 1st Indian ed, 2001, p. 126
1973 © Sufism Reoriented, inc.


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