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Part 4


Meher Baba

The second stage of fana follows this nirvana state and the "I am God" state is experienced consciously.

However, it is only in some cases that the first stage of _fana_ is immediately followed by the second stage of fana called "fana-fillah" where the annihilated false and limited ego or "I" is replaced by the real and infinite, unlimited "I" on which the super-consciousness now becomes automatically focused. Simultaneously the absolute vacuum is automatically filled by the experience of the Infinite.

The super-consciousness of God in the man state, as man, now fixed and focused on the unlimited "I," spontaneously identifies man with God the Infinite. Simultaneously with the identification, the super-consciousness of God the Infinite experiences the "I am God" state. This is the Goal.

Attainment of the Goal is to attain the nirvikalpa samadhi....*

When the first stage of fana is immediately followed by the second stage of fana-fillah, in some cases the consciousness of the limited "I," "self," mind, energy, body and the worlds does not come back; but the consciousness, now as super-consciousness, of the unlimited "I" "self," mind, energy, body and the worlds does not come back; but the consciousness now experiences the "I am God," "Aham Brahmasmi" or "Anal Haqq" state.

This is the experience of nirvikalpa samadhi, meaning thereby "Undoubtedly I am God." This is experienced because in fana-fillah the atma [soul] consciously merges completely in "Paramatma" [Oversoul], or in fana-fillah the soul achieves complete union with the Over-Soul.

*The soul has necessarily to pass through the state of nirvana to attain Liberation (mukti). Escape from the round of birth and death is attained both in nirvana and nirvikalpa. It is because of this that nirvana is supposed to be the Goal, but the fact is that the real Goal for one in human form is to attain nirvikalpa. And, there is a world of difference between nirvana as Goal and nirvikalpa the Goal.


GOD SPEAKS, 1st Indian ed, 2001, pp. 127-128
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