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Margaret Craske

For some time after coming to the States certain difficulties hampered me in any business transactions that had to be dealt with. For instance the signing of a new contract, changing my place of work, or in fact anything that required a different approach to my living in America, was very often held up by a feeling that I should ask Baba what He would wish me to do.

This of course had been for seven years in India my only way of life, and when I left India Baba gave me no fresh instructions about the matter.

So backward and forward went cables and letters, and things were held up and sometimes got very messy.

Suddenly, having had no specific orders, I began to wonder if this was really what I was supposed to do. I therefore sent a cable to Baba, "Shall I write or cable to you every time I have to make a change in my work or shall I go where fate leads me, you being Fate?"

Baba wasted no time. An immediate return cable said, "Go where fate leads you."

This cable seemed to bring me much nearer to Baba in any business arrangements than when I had cabled or written to Him before embarking on anything new. Fate is wonderful.


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