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Meher Baba

Reality alone is real; the only true thing that can be said is, Reality exists and all that is not the Real has no existence except as illusion.

In their heart of hearts people know this and, although for a time, they get beguiled by the false promises of illusion and think of them as real, nothing else than the Real can satisfy them, and they become fed up with the misery that the almost limitless play of false imagination gradually brings about.

This is the condition of the general people now. Even I am fed up and miserable. Why should I be so, when I am free? Because as the Buddha said, "I am eternally free and eternally bound." I am bound because of people's bondage, and fed up and miserable because of their fed-upness and misery.

The greatest scientists themselves are becoming dismayed at the areas of knowledge still beyond them and appalled at what their discoveries may unleash. It will not be long now before they admit complete bafflement and affirm the existence of this eternal Reality which men call God, and which is unapproachable through the intellect.


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