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Eruch Jessawala

Meherazad, where Meher Baba lived, should remain as it is without much development so that it will retain its home-like atmosphere where pilgrims will feel relaxed. At Meherabad where Baba's Tomb is, the pilgrims get immersed in the spiritual atmosphere that reigns there, but they need a change when they come here, and so I hope that Meherazad will be maintained as a place of relaxation.

Of course, it will all depend upon the pilgrims. We the mandali, will only be here for a few more years and Meherazad will be left in the hands of the younger people. I hope the only changes which will occur, will be the addition of more greenery and more flowers blooming and blossoming in Baba's love. The pilgrims, including the increasing number of children who come here, will also blossom like the flowers and grow in His love. I personally would not want Meherazad to change.

With pilgrims growing in such large numbers, especially at Amartithi, the crowd runs into the thousands, but crowding is a state of mind. When the heart wants to feel at home, no amount of people around will disturb the home-like feeling of Meherazad which is not meant for crowds. It is for the small groups of Baba lovers who want to enjoy feeling at home, whereas Meherabad may be looked at as the battlefield where the crowds engage in their spiritual contests. The people who will be in charge of Meherazad will however control the flow of visitors coming here, especially at Amartithi time.

1985 © Naosherwan Anzar


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