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Let it be noted that it is not necessary for a man to stop carrying out his worldly duties and obligations to achieve or to practice this higher Bhakti. He may conduct his business or follow his profession, he may lead the family life and look after all his necessary external requirements; but amidst all his worldly engagements he should ever be alert on the Lord....

This is the best course open for those who neither feel satisfied with objective worship, nor can afford to renounce all for God. If sincerely followed, this intermediate practice is bound to bear fruit sooner or later and provide the aspirant with the subjective 'glimpses' of the great Reality in some way or another. For instance, one may be able to see or hear without using the gross organs of sight and sound; or perhaps even get established on the Path itself.

But for the few who insist, from the very depth of their souls and from the innermost core of their heart, on seeing the Reality actually face to face, at all costs and consequences, there is but one way. And that is complete renunciation. Such heroes must not only possess the indomitable courage of renouncing the world, forsaking all possessions and properties, tearing up all external connections, but also of practicing internal renunciation, which means giving up all desires and passions, but entertaining the aspiration for God-realization.


THE PATH OF LOVE, pp 62-63
1986 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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