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Questioner: How can I have happiness?

BABA: Everyone in the world, consciously or unconsciously seeks happiness in one form or another. You seek it now in your own way. Even a murderer seeks happiness which he hopes to find in the very act of murder, and that is why he commits it. Why or when does a man commit murder? Either through hatred or jealousy, and because he thinks he will find happiness if he commits murder and takes his revenge for hatred or jealousy.

Why does a man drink, because of the happiness he expects to derive from the 'drink'. But what happiness does he derive and how long does it last? Only as long as the effect of the intoxication lasts. No sooner it cools down, he feels broken, dejected and miserable. It is the same with lust and lusty actions. One does it all for the happiness one derives even for a moment. But it is all for the time-being that one derives happiness from one action or another, and when it is over, he is miserable again.

Real happiness is quite different. It never changes, nor ceases. It is Permanent, Ever-lasting — and it lies there, there within you. It is sleeping (latent), and must be opened (unlocked). Once it is opened, it is always happiness. I am the Source of Happiness, the Sun of all Bliss. But there is a cover (curtain) that veils you from the Sun and you do not see it. Now, because of your inability to see owing to a curtain, you cannot say there is no sun. The sun is there, shining and spreading its luster all over the world. But you do not allow its rays to approach you, obstructing them with the veil of ignorance. Remove that and you will see the sun. I will help you tear open the curtain and enable you to find happiness within. I love you, I love all.

Questioner: It is through many reverses in life that one learns and finds Light. I learnt a lot from this, and besides got time for doing Baba's work which I would not otherwise have got.

BABA: It is for your ultimate good.... Everything else will adjust itself automatically for you. Do not worry and go on with the work entrusted to you. The Light is just behind the apparent darkness. It is because people, out of ignorance, misunderstand and misjudge the "veil" for the darkness and get impatient that they are miserable. Otherwise there is nothing to be miserable about.


THE ANSWER, pp. 29-30
1972 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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