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Norina Matchabelli

"Since my very childhood, I knew of God. He came to me with His Grace. He acted into my heart with His creative love. I was compelled to follow the spiritual way of life. He rescued me at the early age of twelve, at the time of my emotional awakening. He came as Jesus Christ and spoke to me. He explained to me, in words of sublime wisdom, that this love which had begun to surge within me was an imperative longing for the fulfillment of the highest form of Love Spiritual.

"He spoke to me in the unforgettable words, which are working within me even today and are creating in me a deeper realization of the Divine Theme of Life. He said: 'I am your first and last Love.'

"The significance of these words was fully realized by me when I met Meher Baba in 1931, and recognized him as the Christ personified. And when the Master, without any reference on my part, told me that he was the one who came to me in the form of Christ, to give me the spiritual lead, he established in me the unconditional faith in him.

"Since I met the Master, I love him more than myself. And while I say this, I recall my experience in 1947, when, after a long illness, during which all hope and joy of life had faded and all my energy had been exhausted for good or for bad, I received from the Master a cable ordering me to return to him in India. In that moment of enthusiasm, created by this merciful news, I realized that even while apparently descending into a state of poverty of health and mental despair, my life had finished a turnover only to rise upwards towards its real fulfillment. My will imperatively directed me to come to India, not for myself, but for the service of the Master that he may express himself through me.

"He consciously projected his thought-order into me so that he may see himself think through me. I, as his disciple, am fully conscious of this. I came to India to fulfill the dream of my life, which is to exist through him and in him, and for him as a living instrument for him to express himself.

"Through the Divine Love that flows through Meher Baba perpetually, he transforms the consciousness of those who come to him for liberation, that they may know through experience what the philosophers of all times have taught theoretically."


NORINA'S GIFT, pp. 61-62, Christopher Wilson and Charles Haynes
1997 © EliNor Publications


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