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Bhau Kalchuri

In Calcutta [November, 1950], in the Dakshineshwar temple of the Sadguru Ramakrishna, Baba sat for half an hour virtually naked, having removed his clothes, wearing only his loincloth. After his inner work in the Dakshineshwar temple was completed, Baba donned his white kafni and walked outside the courtyard of the temple, with his begging bowl in hand.

This was the first time Baba begged, walking from house to house along the streets, without informing his companions in advance. The companions were dressed in regular coats, pants, shoes and hats. As instructed by Baba, at the same time Pendu was handing money to the poor along the street as Baba walked ahead, seeking bhiksha with his begging bowl in hand.

Because of this apparent incongruity, Baba had a difficult time in receiving any bhiksha. Every house refused his request for alms. At last, a humble Bengali family served him fresh hot food in bhiksha. When Baba reached the doorstep, the rice and vegetables were still cooking. A daughter of the family kindly asked Baba to wait for a little while. Baba permitted her five minutes. The family cooked so hurriedly that within that time they were able to serve Baba rice and spinach. Thus the family was blessed.

Although Pendu was giving money to the poor in front of their house, they remained unaffected. Without uttering another word, they offered bhiksha to Baba, a total stranger. Their spontaneous offering of love was a touching sight.


LORD MEHER, 1st American ed, vol. 9 & 10, pp. 3647-3648
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