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Minoo Kharas

If people who say they believe in God were sincere, Meher Baba says, "they would earnestly start to find out what God is. They would want to have God and realize him; and all their actions would be entirely different. If they were really to take God seriously and want to know what he is, their very first glimpse of divinity would disarm them of all their unjustified fear.

"It would reveal to them that God is Love and that his plan for all, including themselves, is to raise them to the highest pinnacle of perfection and bliss, of which the earthly pleasure and even the happiness and joys of the subtle and mental worlds are but poor, faint shadows."

"The spiritual path," Baba says, "is like climbing up to the mountain top through hills and dales and thorny woods and along steep and dangerous precipices. If there is one thing that is most necessary for a safe and sure arrival at the top, it is love. All other qualities which are essential for the aspirants of the highest can and must come to them if they faithfully follow the whispers of the unerring guide of love."


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