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Najoo Kotwal

"Baba was so loving, so understanding, that I felt as if I had found my mother, whom I lost when I was only thirteen, in Him." She opened up to Him completely, pouring out all the misery she had held inside since Father began his search for God. She told Him that she was now so confused and frightened that her whole body trembled. She talked of the severe pain she had been experiencing for three months in her back and abdomen and begged Baba to guide her.

Beloved Baba listened to her patiently and then He took a rose from a vase nearby. He plucked a few petals and lovingly put them in her mouth, just as a mother would feed a small child. As Mummy chewed the rose petals and swallowed them, her pain completely vanished, as did her trembling.

Baba then gave her a locket with His picture and told her to dip it into a little water every day and then drink the water until she felt completely well. He embraced her lovingly and repeated, "Do not worry." Those rose petals were Mummy's — and also my — first prasad from Beloved Baba; because I was in her womb, I too received the benefit of His blessing!

Mummy felt so much love for Baba that she confessed to Him that she loved Him, that she felt as if she had found her mother again. She left rejuvenated, feeling peace and joy for the first time in months. And from that first meeting until the end of her life, she looked on Baba as her mother.


2006 © Meherwan Kotwal


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