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M. R. Dhakephalkar

One day Baba was giving a discourse on the alphabet board and Eruch was interpreting. There were about fifty of us in the hall and pin-drop silence prevailed. I was sitting about thirty feet away from Baba's chair.

Now a fly had entered my mouth and stationed itself in my throat. I had a very bad tickling sensation. I went red and wanted to cough it out. But I dared not as the meeting was in progress. I was very unhappy and in great discomfort.

Just then Baba looked at me. Our eyes met. Baba gestured, pointing to His eyes that He had seen the fly entering my mouth and coming out of it and that there was no fly in my throat. I alone knew what He had meant though others were looking at us. So when I was assured that there was no fly in my throat, the uneasy sensation at once disappeared and I was my usual self once again.

The fly was quite near my eyes — just half-inch away. But I could not see it either getting in or going out of my mouth. Though I was seated far away from Him among a cluster of devotees, Baba could observe it. This was how Baba would keep a constant eye upon us every moment.

The meeting being over, I bowed down to Baba who enquired if I was alright. I replied that He had made me very happy.


1988,1992 © M. R. Dhakephalkar


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