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Mehera J. Irani

In 1941 Upasni Maharaj knew that He was soon going to give up His body, and He wanted to see Baba one more time. Baba agreed to meet Him alone, but not in Sakori. So it was arranged that they meet outside Sakori. They met, and with tears in His eyes Maharaj told Baba, "Give up Your silence. Now it is bringing too much suffering." And Baba replied, "No, I have come to suffer, and My work is most important. I must finish My work." And how much Baba suffered as time passed. He never told us He was suffering, but He was.

And for those last twelve years Baba could not even walk. Baba lived those twelve years with great difficulty, yet not the sound of a groan or a moan did He make. His health was such that He must have wanted to, but He did not complain. Baba quietly suffered to the very end.

Baba suffered for our sake, for each one, and for all humanity, and for all creation. Baba has given a great push to every soul in creation. He is the Creator, and it all belongs to Him.

And Baba is all-forgiving, and very, very loving. Sometimes we made mistakes, because it is not easy to live with the Avatar. He always tested one. And when that time came, we did sometimes forget and make mistakes. But Baba would at once forgive us and say, "Don't worry. Take it out of your head, forget it." And we did our best to serve Him and love Him to the best of our ability.


MEHERA, pp. 235-236
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