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If I am what I am, it is all the more natural for you not to be able to understand all that I wish to express, and why I say all that I say. It has been going on like this for thousands of thousands of years. If I am the Highest of the High I know why Jesus was crucified, and why Muhammad was stoned. For all the so-called good and bad things said about them by the so-called good and bad world, people understand next to nothing about Christ and Muhammad, about Ram and Krishna, Zoroaster and Buddha, and about all the things they said and did....

Sometimes I cannot help asking myself about the things I do and say, and about the things I deliberately avoid and easily forget. At the last meeting in Meherabad I gave my final declaration and yet it was followed by a clarification, a confirmation and lastly by the decision.

Until the other day I had not given it a thought ... then, while taking a rest I asked myself why did I give out the Declaration? Who asked me for a Clarification? Where was the need to issue a Confirmation and what made me give the Decision?

I was satisfied that all had been inevitably necessary. Throughout time, in accordance with the common law of nature, there are four stages to everything. Therefore the day I had announced my Declaration, I knew the decision inherent therein would have to be worked out by me through the stages that would follow.

Thus my declaration was in fact my decision, but for the declaration to be manifested as the decision, it had to pass through the intermediary stages of clarification and confirmation....

The initiative of all initiatives, the foremost Lahar or spontaneous urge on the part of God to ask himself, 'Who am I?' was God's declaration, creation was then necessary for its clarification; the evolution of perfect consciousness in man is its confirmation and involution — the transformation of human consciousness into God-consciousness — concludes in the decision that throughout God was God and never anything other than God....


THE GOD-MAN, p. 283, C. B. Purdom
1971 © Meher Spiritual Center, Inc.


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