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Limitation comes into existence owing to ego-centered desires and self-will. Possessiveness in all its forms leads to a life of limitation. For example, if one covets the love of someone but instead of winning the love of that person loses it to another, there ensues a narrowing down and strangling of the free life of the spirit — and one has an acute consciousness of limitation. This is the origin of the pain of suffocating jealousy.

But if one looks at the situation with a heart purged of longing, the love that is received by the other will be seen in its natural beauty. In the clarity of perception that comes through nonpossessiveness, one will not only taste the freedom of nonduality, but also its joy. When someone else receives that love, it is like oneself receiving it — since no longer does one insist upon the claims of a single form, having identified oneself with life in all its forms.

In nonduality there is freedom from limitation, as well as the knowledge and appreciation of things as they are. In nonduality alone is there the realization of the true spiritual infinity that secures abiding and unfading bliss. The limitation of jealousy is like all other limitations, such as anger, hate and cravings; they are all of one's own creation.

All finitehood and limitations are subjective and self-created. With the surrenderance of self-will and ego-centered imagination, there arises a true perception of the infinite worth of that which IS.


DISCOURSES, 7th ed, p. 120
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