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Meher Baba

During the course of evolution of its consciousness, the soul (atma), while consciously identifying itself with varied, finite gross forms, was also simultaneously, though unconsciously, identifying itself with its finite subtle form and its finite mental form, which associated with the soul in compact, homogeneous, unconscious alliance throughout the entire course of evolution of consciousness right from the first urge.

Although the soul frequently and consciously dissociated itself from the finite gross forms which acted as media to experience the impressions gained in the course of evolving greater and higher consciousness, the soul could never dissociate itself, consciously or unconsciously, directly or indirectly, from its finite subtle form and its finite mental form.

On the contrary, while the soul dissociated its identification with any one medium of finite gross form, it was the unconscious association of soul with its finite subtle form that fortified the soul (now without any gross medium) with finite energy (the driving force) to give a tendency to the consciousness of the soul towards identifying itself with the next medium of the next finite gross form, in order to experience the impressions of the last dissociated finite gross form, retained and reflected by the finite mental form of this soul.

It is but natural, that together with the evolution of higher and greater consciousness of soul, the evolution of the finite subtle form of soul also takes place to fortify the soul with greater finite energy to incline the consciousness of the more and more gross-conscious soul to identify itself with higher and higher types of finite gross forms evolved by the impressions of the last lower finite gross form.

Similarly, the evolution of the finite mental form of the soul also takes place simultaneously to accommodate, retain and reflect the increasingly innumerable, varied impressions gained and gathered by the evolution of greater and greater consciousness of the soul.


GOD SPEAKS, 1st Indian ed, pp. 31-32
1973 © Sufism Reoriented


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