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Bhau Kalchuri

Godhood is the state of the Self-Realized human being. In the state of Godhood there are three aspects — the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. The state of the Father is Nirvikalp-Samadhi, and there is only God-Consciousness and no consciousness of the creation. The experience of the human being in the state of Nirvikalp-Samadhi is "I am God and there is nothing besides me. I alone exist." The creation exists in non-existence, therefore, the creation does not exist in the experience of the Father state. "I am existence. I am self-existent."

The state of the Son is Sahaj-Samadhi, and in this divine state there is God-Consciousness plus the consciousness of all creation. The experience of the human being in the state of Sahaj-Samadhi is "I am God and I am everyone and everything." Though the creation exists in non-existence, the creation only exists for this God-Realized person as illusion, as his imagination. The experience of the Son state is, "I am existence. Creation is my shadow."

The Avatar is eternally in the state of the Son, and his eternal experience is "I am God and I am Everyone and everything." As God, the Avatar enjoys Infinite Bliss, Power and Knowledge, but, as everyone and everything, he suffers in the infinite weakness and infinite ignorance. The Avatar suffers because his experience is not of everyone and everything, but he has become everyone and everything.

The Holy Ghost is actually everyone and everything. But the conscious state of the Holy Ghost is not experienced until one has achieved the state of the Son — Sahaj-Samadhi. The Jivan-Muktas and Sadgurus also experience Sahaj-Samadhi, "I am God and I am everyone and everything," but these God-Realized human beings do not become everyone and everything as the Avatar does.

The spiritual duty of the Avatar is to take on responsibility for everyone and everything. The Jivan-Mukta has spiritual duty for one other human being; the Perfect Master has spiritual duty to a number of individuals, mainly his circle. But the Avatar alone has a spiritual duty to fulfill to all.

The experience in Sahaj-Samadhi of "I am everyone and everything" does not mean that one actually becomes everyone and everything after God-Realization. This becoming of everyone and everything only happens with the Avatar, who has to become not only one with all by being responsible for all, but who has to actually become one and all. The Jivan-Muktas and Sadgurus have become one with all, but only the Avatar becomes one and all.


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