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Kutumb Shastri requested Baba to introduce his mandali members, and although Baba himself did not like the idea, he asked the mandali, turn by turn, to stand up when their names were called and he started introducing them.

After a few introductions, suddenly Baba stopped and gestured, "Why this introduction of individual mandali members? Have you not come from long distances to be with me? Are you not my lovers and workers? Each one of you can as well be introduced.

"For the last four years," he continued "these sandals are on my feet. They go wherever I go — to the bathroom, to the toilet, while traveling — they are with me day and night. Am I to expound on the merits of my sandals?" However, he introduced mandali members there and said, "Some gems have been left out. There are gems outside, too. In America, there are lovers of mine who have dedicated their all to me.

"There are gems among you, too.... Those who do my work are my mandali. Remember, those who love me are mine. The whole world is mine. Everything is mine. You are all mine, but I am not theirs. I am the one for those who love me. For those who love me, I am theirs whether they be near or far away."


SAHAVAS IN THE COMPANY OF GOD, 2nd revised edition 2001, pp. 105-106, ed Subash Pokale
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