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Bal Natu

On the afternoon of the 20th [of January, 1953], Baba was visited by His lovers in the Traveller's Bungalow for a program of musical entertainment and bhajans. Bhaskara Raju sang the "101 names of God" in praise of Beloved Baba in a qawwali style. Each name represented an attribute of the Avatar. When Bhaskara Raju came to the name of Nataraj, the primordial dancer, Baba stopped the singer and remarked. "Yes, I am really that (Nataraj). When I danced my first dance Creation sprang forth and came into being." He also added that the first dance He danced had bound Him eternally to Creation and that is why He had to "come" again and again.

Someone else sang some of Kabir's song to the accompaniment of a clarinet. Kabir's songs are replete with spiritual truths. After hearing a song with the refrain "tere ghunghat ke pata khola tujhe Rama milega" (open the folds of your veil and you shall find God), Baba was pleased to explain the mystical meaning of the words ghunghat (veil) and pata (folds). He was in one of those rare moods when He wanted to give a lengthy discourse and the listeners remained spellbound. At the outset Baba conveyed:

The ability to exercise a constant control over one's low desires is no mean achievement. The success in establishing a lasting sublimation of all desires is indeed a greater one. But the greatest is the burning away of all one's desires once and for all, which Divine Love alone can do.

Later, He explained the seven-fold veil by saying that each fold has a deep, dark color, signifying a root desire. After commenting on the experiences of the different planes, Baba concluded the discourse with these words:

Where there is light, darkness is no more. Where there is Knowledge, ignorance is absent. And, as the folds, the veil and the valley of separation are all in the domain of ignorance, a Perfect Master who is the "Sun" of all Knowledge can, in the twinkling of an eye, impart God-realization to anyone he chooses.

God alone is Real, and as we are permanently lodged in the Divine Beloved, we are all One.

At the end of this profound discourse, Baba remarked while looking at those gathered in the hall, "Even if you do not understand what I explained, don't worry. There are some people abroad who are eager to receive this explanation with great love."

GLIMPSES OF THE GOD-MAN, Vol. III, pp. 272-273
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