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Darwin C. Shaw

Sure enough, just then Baba came in through the door. He was dressed in a long overcoat and wore a fedora hat pulled down almost over his ears, with his long hair tucked up inside.

Seeing him, Norina said, "Wait here; maybe Baba will see you for a moment." Then she walked quickly over to meet Baba, spoke to him, and pointed over at us. Baba nodded yes, and they came directly over to us. Norina introduced us, and we shook hands with Baba. As he and I shook hands, we looked into each other's eyes.

For me, it was an indescribably glorious moment. This was our first glimpse into the infinite pools of Divine Love that were Meher Baba's eyes. His handshake might have reached down through some two thousand years to clasp mine at that moment. I saw him as the Christ, and no words can adequately describe what poured forth from my heart as I recognized the Beloved — the living Christ.

I felt instant rapport with him and experienced a great spiritual upliftment. It was like the fulfillment of an "impossible dream."

I was overjoyed. Baba's Beauty, the sweetness of his love, which could not be expressed in words — the joy, the sparkling wonder of his Being! One could not prefigure him. One could not imagine how it would be, what he would be like. He was more than one could imagine — much more, immeasurably more.

Although this meeting with Meher Baba was very brief, it seemed for an instant as though time stood still, and I caught a feeling of timelessness in the presence of the Timeless One.


2003 © Darwin C. Shaw


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