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Bhau Kalchuri

At the village of Maw [near Delhi], Baba again contacted the naked mast he had met in June. When Baba began pressing his legs, the mast looked at him and cried out: "Leave! Go away!" Baba, however, was so pleased he remained seated by his side for half an hour longer. When the mast stood up and walked away and sat alongside the road, Baba followed him and there fed him apples and grapes. While feeding him, several times Baba placed his forehead on the mast's feet.

From Maw they drove through narrow dirt roads and fields to Sangatpura, which they reached at ten o'clock that night. Nooriya Baba, the mast they had come to see, had locked his room from inside and refused to come out. Finally he was induced to open the door, and Baba bowed down to him. Baidul asked the saintly mast to bless Baba so that his work would be successful, and Nooriya declared: "You will be triumphant in your work!"

Baba wished to proceed to Bara Rudka to work with the highly advanced mast Chinta Bhagat. The road to Bara Rudka was ten miles from the nearest town, and being unpaved, it had turned into a quagmire due to recent monsoon rains. It was not a straight road, but had turns and twists leading off to other villages. Elcha, who had stayed there for a long time previously, reported, "Baba, it is impossible to traverse this road at night. We will miss our turn and get lost. Sugar cane fields border both sides of the road, and we won't be able to tell which road leads where."

Baba asked Baidul if he could lead him there. Baidul assured him that he could and added confidently that they would reach the mast's abode that night. Elcha pleaded, "Baba, don't listen to him. I know this area. Baidul will only make us wander about in the fields." Baba told Baidul to lead the way, and by going left and right, then right and left with Hellan driving, he took them straight to the mast's place. When they reached it at eleven o'clock in the night, Elcha was so impressed that he stretched out on the ground before Baidul in obeisance and said fervently to Baba, "I thought he was a fool until now, but every one of the mandali you have selected is a gem! Some are well-versed in one thing, some in another, but none are like Baidul. He has a nose like a compass!"

Baba woke up the Sikh who served as Chinta Bhagat's caretaker, and together they went to the mast's room, where he was lying asleep on his charpai (bed). The Sikh began chanting devotional verses, and soon the mast rose and sat on his bed. As his devotee continued singing, the mast clapped his hands and laughed merrily in ecstasy. Repeating the refrain of the song, Chinta Bhagat stood up and caught hold of Baba's hand and began walking to and fro in the room and sometimes leading Baba on the road outside.

Chinta Bhagat would not let Baba alone! With Baba's finger in his hand he circumambulated the room; Baba had to follow along. At 2 A.M., in the complete darkness and bitter cold, Baba followed the mast in step outside. At a sign from Baba, Eruch told the mast, "We have to go now; let go of him!" The mast stood still for a minute holding Baba's hand, but then he pushed Eruch aside and again started going around the hut. This continued for almost another hour. Eruch could not contain himself and beseeched the mast, "Maharaj, leave him alone! Let him go! He has to go quite far!" The mast stopped or a while, and again began walking.

It seemed Baba was at the command of the mast's will! Eruch again repeated his entreaty to Chinta Bhagat, and the mast again came to a stop for a short while and started again his perambulation. On Eruch's continual pleas, and with the greatest difficulty, the mast finally let go to Baba's hand and stopped walking. During the walk with Baba, the mast was in a state of ecstasy, weeping and chanting the entire time. Despite the exhausting walk, Baba enjoyed the unusual situation immensely. At the end of the contact, Chinta Bhagat was asked to bless Baba's work, which he lovingly did.

Late at night, Baba and the men reached the Phillaur railway station. Baba again worked with Mastani Ma there. During his first meeting with her, she had asked for a rupee coin, so Baba offered her one this time too. She refused it saying; "I will take it, but at dawn." After gentle persuasion to bless Baba's work and let him leave, she accepted the coin and said: "God will help you." Baba got into the car, and Mastani Ma followed him and asked for ten rupees. Baba offered her a ten-rupee note, but she wanted ten one-rupee coins. Luggage in the trunk of the car had to be untied to fulfill her wish. She then asked for a pencil and drew some lines and figures on Baba's back.

LORD MEHER, 1st ed, Vol. 11 & 12, pp. 4223-4225
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