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When I was in the superconscious state (it is called superconscious, which sounds foreign to Me, rather like the 'Superman'), this consciousness was of God. In that state, I was drawn to Shirdi near Sai Baba. When Sai Baba wanted to move His bowels, people would take Him in procession with a band and pipes. He was worthy of all that. He might stay there for an hour and the procession and band would return with Him to His seat. The first day I was drawn there, I had bloodshot eyes, and had had no sleep for days; and I laid down My head on His feet as He was walking in procession. He cried loudly, 'Parvardigar!' meaning, 'You are God!' After saying that, He pointed in the direction where Upasni Maharaj sat.

I went to Upasni Maharaj, where He sat, thin and weak, and as soon as He saw Me, He picked up a stone and hit Me on the forehead, and instantaneously I recovered normal consciousness. Then I went with Him to Sakori, and stayed seven years. Sakori was not then as you see it. It was still wasteland, with a small hut for Upasni Maharaj. There was a woman there, an old lady called Durgamai, who loved Maharaj and Myself equally. People gathered there, mostly Brahmins, for Maharaj was Brahmin by birth....

People began to come pouring in for His darshan, mostly Brahmins. A structure was erected and a Brahmin atmosphere prevailed. Maharaj and I used to sit together every day, and the Brahmins got jealous. 'Why is this Zoroastrian so favored by Maharaj?' they asked. Maharaj gradually gave hints of My divinity. Few could swallow this, many resented it, but our daily sittings continued. They built a Hindu temple there and performed the usual ceremonies. Then one day Maharaj declared to all the Mandali that Merwan is now Perfect....

From that day I did not go to Sakori. And from that time the Hindu atmosphere increased. Maharaj encouraged them to be jealous of Me, and to be bitter, and to hurt Me. But Maharaj told Durgamai and Yeshwantrao that Merwan is now 'Malik' [owner] of the Universe. When the Brahmins heard Me called 'Malik,' they wanted to kill Me. We were both unaffected by all this.

Then Godavri came; and Maharaj said, 'I do not want this Brahmin atmosphere of men,' and He began to gather girls of pure character who wanted to love God only. The novices are dressed in white and are called Kanyas.

Later on Maharaj sent word by Adi's mother Gulmai, 'Soon I will drop this body, so tell Merwan to come to see Me.' I said I would not set foot in Sakori, so a meeting was arranged elsewhere in a hut. We embraced each other and I put My head under His foot. He said, 'You are Adishakti [The Supreme Power]. Again He started weeping, and said to me, 'Keep your eye on Sakori.' Then we both went away, and three to four months later, Maharaj dropped His body, and Godavri was given charge of the nuns.

Godavri was in on the secret all the time, but never said a word about me. But the atmosphere there was Hindu, with their ceremonies. I have come to destroy in the world all rites and ceremonies that are superficial. Godavri loved Me in secret. The men there made it appear that I was not the spiritual heir of Maharaj, only of Babajan, and spread the news that Godavri was in charge of the ashram and Maharaj's spiritual heir. Poor girl, she is so good, a wonderful soul among women. She was in a fix, but her good nature kept her going.

Then My disciples increased and the Sakori Brahmins got more and more annoyed, like the disciples of John the Baptist. Then a miracle happened ... all due to Godavri. Her loving influence overcame the Brahmin atmosphere. She at last saw Me at 'Nagar and asked Me to come once to Sakori. As I had promised Maharaj I would keep an eye on Sakori, I took the occasion of Yeshwantrao's house warming to go.

Godavri welcomed Me, placed her head on My feet, garlanded Me, and placed Me on the swing where Maharaj used to sit ... I embraced all the group and they all melted. Godavri showed her love so clearly that the entire atmosphere cleared. As you saw at the darshan on the 12th of September, Godavri and the men were there. Now they all love Me and recognize Me as the Avatar.

THREE INCREDIBLE WEEKS WITH MEHER BABA, pp. 72-75, ed. Malcolm Schloss & Charles Purdom
1979 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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