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Meher Baba

(Through Princess Norina Matchabelli)

I have come for all.

Those, who, in their thoughtfulness seek the Path, are dear to me.

They will get into the Path.

Those chosen ones will come to me — the Truth.

I do not allow them to linger any more in the wilderness.

I am always by their side, when they need my help.

Life for every one is largely preordained by his past.

Try to be utterly pure in thought, word and deed.

Be serene and self-composed.

God in you is pure joy.

God in you is pure love.

God in you is pure understanding.

God in you is limitless in creative power.

Everything comes from God and goes back to Him.


NORINA'S GIFT, p. 155, Christopher Wilson & Charles Haynes
1997 © EliNor Publications


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