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The quickest of these High Roads lies through the God-man, who is consciously one with the Truth. In the God-man, God reveals himself in all His Glory, with His Infinite Power, Unfathomable Knowledge, Inexpressible Bliss and Eternal Existence.

The Path through the God-man is available only to those fortunate ones who approach him in complete surrenderance and unwavering faith. Complete surrenderance to the God-man, is, however, possible only to very advanced aspirants. But when this is not possible, the other High Roads, which can eventually win the Grace of God, are:

1) Love for God and intense longing to see Him and to be united with Him.

2) Being in constant company with the saints and lovers of God and rendering them wholehearted service.

3) Avoiding lust, greed, anger, hatred and the temptations for power, fame and fault-finding.

4) Leaving everyone and everything in complete external renunciation, and in solitude, devoting oneself to fasting, prayer and meditation.

5) Carrying on all worldly duties with equal acceptance of success or failure, with a pure heart and clean mind and remaining unattached in the midst of intense activity.

6) Selfless service of humanity, without any thought of gain or reward.

PATH OF LOVE, pp. 97-98
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