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Meher Baba

Just as a man, who wakes up from his sound sleep state, has invariably to pass through the state of dreaming first and then wake up completely, gaining full consciousness after the semi-conscious state of the dream (which may last for a very long duration or may last only for a split second), so, too, is it the case with God in the God-Is state. Before completely waking up from His original divine sound sleep state, God necessarily experiences the divine semi-conscious state which is the divine dream state or the creator state.

The original, infinite whim, as the Cause, manifested the first trickle of most-finite consciousness in God. This most-finite consciousness made God, now in a semi-conscious state, experience through sub-consciousness the most-finite impression of the latent Nothing which was also manifested as the Nothingness. This experience of the most-finite first impression of Nothingness began the "divine dream" — the creation of the universe.

Thus the first trickle of consciousness in the God-Is state infused God with the divine sub-consciousness which in turn bestowed the divine semi-conscious state upon God Who was in the divine sound sleep state. In this divine semi-conscious state, God dreams divinely and experiences the divine dream, or the Creation, much before the real, divine awakening state, which state, awakening Him completely, would give Him the experience of God fully conscious of His infinite, unbounded and unlimited divine nature.

This divine sub-consciousness of God also emerged from the Nothing which was latent in the God-Is state of the Everything, and necessarily was projected through the creation point, or Om point, in the original absolute vacuum of the Everything.

The very vibrations of the projection of the divine sub-consciousness of God, through the creation point in the original absolute vacuum, bestirred the divine sound sleep state of God and made manifest the original breath of God, or the original Word — the divine nad — together with space, time and the cosmic universe, with all of its paraphernalia of the limited and finite ego, mind, energy and the individual and multiple forms.

GOD SPEAKS, pp. 102-104
1973 © Sufism Reoriented, Inc.


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