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A. R. Abdulla (son of Ramjoo)

The East-West gathering held at Guru Prasad, Poona, was a unique occasion. It was an important phase of Hazrat Baba's Universal Work. It was bridging the gap between East and West.

Many old and new devotees and admirers flew to India as also came a large number of devotees from different parts of the sub-continent.

While a foreigner entertained the gathering by his spiritual song which conveyed that the world was like a ball in Baba's palm, Baba interrupted and added that it was like a rotten fruit.

In the morning session I was sitting far away in one of the back rows. I said to myself why not concentrate on Baba. I did it for sometime and experienced that golden rays were emanating from him.

I turned my head to ascertain whether it was due to reflection caused by electric bulbs or tapestry but it was not so. I again concentrated and saw the beautiful golden rays.

After some time Baba told the gathering that people try to understand him in their own ways.

It was announced that those who were leaving Poona may come the next morning to have his darshan. I said to myself that in this big crowd where do I stand. I should now get away and pack-off. Next morning I rushed to Guru Prasad and had Baba's Darshan and embraced him. He particularly instructed me to stay till the entire programme was over.

Oh! Omniscient Hazrat Meher Baba, your love and kindness are infinite. It is too difficult for us stupid and weak in flesh to comprehend your Universal Mind.


1993 © A. R. Abdulla


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