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Meher Baba

I may scold you as much as I like, but if your conscience tells you that you have done your best, then don't lose your temper nor be depressed, however much I criticize and taunt you. These prickly words have some great motive behind them.

Henceforth, swallow your thoughts and suffer everything quietly. You should not be annoyed, but remain in a good mood and be cheerful, despite your reeling brain. Your very wrath shows that you still lack something in carrying out my wish!

However I may taunt, hurt or harass you, bear it all like a stone and be conscious that you are serving me. That is what is desired.


LORD MEHER, 1st ed, Vol. 4, p. 1330, Bhau Kalchuri
1986 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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