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In August [1962], Adi's mother Gulmai's health grew steadily worse, due to kidney disease. While at Meherabad on August 6th, Baba informed Padri to be prepared for Gulmai's burial on the Hill, as she would no doubt be dying shortly. On the evening of August 8th, Gulmai's condition became very serious, and Adi sent Sarosh to Meherazad to inform Baba. Baba instructed Sarosh that when Gulmai passed away, He should be informed and her body removed to Meherabad, where her coffin would be lowered into the grave in His presence.

At 9:00 A.M., on Saturday, August 11th, Gulmai's body was taken to Meherabad Hill where the grave had been dug. Baba arrived at ten o'clock and performed the last rites by placing flowers on her forehead and body. Almost two hundred persons from Arangaon and Ahmednagar were present. As the coffin was lowered into the earth, Baba, looking extremely sad, tossed flowers over it while Kaikobad offered prayers.

Thus Baba's spiritual mother Gulmai came to rest in Meherabad, the place she herself had been so instrumental in laying at his feet. Baba remarked to Adi, "She is very fortunate that I was present at her burial." This was the last time Meher Baba visited Meherabad.

Gulmai's dedication, service and love for Meher Baba were truly monumental, for she and her husband, Kaikhushru (Khan Saheb), were the ones who gave him the land in Arangaon later called Meherabad. Prem Khilnani was present for the funeral, and as Baba was looking at the tower of the Meher Retreat Building, Prem said to him, "Someday Meherabad will be like Benares."

Baba nodded, "You are right, it will."


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