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Eruch was on his way to meet Baba, and passing through the woods known as The Abode of Sages [near Rishikesh] because of the yogis and Rishis who live and meditate on God in their little white huts. As he hurried along, Eruch's attention was drawn to a figure lying in one of the huts, a hut in a very dilapidated state with no roof. To his surprise he realised the figure was of a fine-looking boy about fourteen years of age.

Remembering Meher Baba's continued search over the years for an ideal boy, Eruch spoke to Baba about this boy and strongly pleaded with Baba to at least see him. Baba agreed, and on arriving at the hut He had Eruch ask the boy what he was doing there. It emerged that he had always had a longing for God, and impelled by his inner urge he had left his parents and home far away and travelled to the Himalayas to meditate and seek God. Eruch asked him if he had a Guru. The boy replied: "No, I have no Guru. They all talk too much. I want a Guru who does not talk."

At this Eruch said that he knew of a Guru who had not spoken for eighteen years, and that His name was Meher Baba. The boy quickly replied that he knew of Meher Baba, that he had heard, too, that Meher Baba was staying somewhere in the area. "But," continued the boy after some silence, "Meher Baba is too great to accept me as a disciple."

Then Baba's identity was revealed, and the boy was overcome with joy at being in His presence. Baba now conveyed that He Himself would be the boy's Guru; that this meeting was for the first and last time, and that he would never see Baba again physically. But the boy must obey four specific orders of his Guru, and if he did so he would one day find Baba in his heart.

The four orders were:

1. He should be free from lust and never touch a woman during his whole life.

2. Instead he should always think of realising the Divine Beloved.

3. He must never touch money, and must beg for his food.

4. As a sacred mantra or words from the Master, he must repeat, night and day, God's Name of his own choosing.

Without the slightest hesitation, that remarkable boy accepted these conditions. Baba left, and there the boy remained amidst those woods famous for black scorpions, numerous snakes and occasional tigers.

The next day, Baba sent to the boy a photo-medal of Himself, a book of His life, a mat, and some flour, all as Guru-prasad — a gracious gift from the Guru.


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