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Ivy O. Duce

He was very ugly and the son of a coal merchant. One day he fell in love with a beautiful girl he saw standing on the balcony of a house. She, of course, did not even notice ugly Hafiz. He became determined to marry her, so he sought tantric powers. (Baba explained something of these powers in his talk and how they are acquired and what troubles they can cause. — IOD)

Hafiz finally succeeded in a particular forty-day penance, and on the fortieth day the Angel Gabriel appeared to him and told him to ask for anything he wanted. On seeing the incredible beauty of the Angel Gabriel, Hafiz forgot all about the girl and thought that if the Angel could be so gorgeous, how wondrous must God be, and so he said, "I want God!"

Gabriel directed him to a Perfect Master, for whom he slaved for forty years, going through hell, as it were. The Master then gave him God-realization and Hafiz became a Perfect Master.

HOW A MASTER WORKS, Ivy O. Duce, p. 393
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