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Part 2

Meher Baba

When he wants to help anyone directly, the pilgrim of the fifth plane can lead an aspirant "by the hand" along the Path.... Hafiz, in the following couplet, evidently visualizes the particular sensation of one who is being led in this way:

Tu dastgu shu ay khizr-I pay khujastih, kih man
Piyadih miravam o hamrahan savaranand.

"Oh august master, lead me by the hand because I am traversing the Path on foot (helplessly) as compared with other companions who are riding along it."

... Meher Baba explains that on the fifth plane the pilgrim sometimes desires to have the divine presence, and sometimes attends to worldly duties....

Hafiz evidently refers to his experience of the fifth plane when he says:

Huzuri gar hami khvalu
Azu gh ayib mashu Hafiz.

"O Hafiz, if you desire the divine presence, then do not allow yourself to be absent."

Hafiz remembers this sixth plane in the following words:

Ma dar piyalih 'aks-I rukh-I yar didih im
Ay bikhabar zi lazzat-I shrub-I mudam-I ma.

"We have seen the face of the Beloved reflected in the cup (of our mind or heart). O ignorant one, no notion have you of the bliss that we imbibe therefrom."


GOD SPEAKS, 1st Indian ed, pp. 205-207
1973 © Sufism Reoriented


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