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Mani S. Irani

Even while we are thinking that we are going through so much, that we are striving, and suffering, Baba tells us not to worry because He knows we are safe and sound at His feet. He doesn't tell us not to worry in the sense that a doctor would tell a patient. It is not advice. When Baba said a thing it was with authority of supreme knowledge, knowing everything. So when He says be happy, don't worry, He knows there is no reason to worry.

For instance, when I read a book to Baba (and Baba being all-knowing would appear unknowing, because He would play the game supremely) — when I was reading a book usually He would have me stop at a very critical juncture — where Pauline was hanging over a cliff or something, and we didn't know if the train would be going over her or not — and we were told not to look to see what happened ... not to look further to find out. Baba would then ask me, "Do you think there will be a happy ending?"

I would say, "Well, Baba, we can't look, so we will know tomorrow."

But then Baba would always like a happy ending. That is because His story, the story of His creation, has a happy ending. We are simply going through chapters. But somebody who has read the book and who knows the end, can very authoritatively say, "Don't worry, don't worry" while you are in the midst of a chapter which is terrible.

So whenever we go through something that seems so difficult, so disagreeable, don't worry, remember it is only a chapter ... the next chapter might be different. When the end of the story comes, the story is finished. So, we might as well enjoy the story while we are in it too.


THE DIVINE HUMANITY OF MEHER BABA, Vol 2, pp. 183-184, ed Bill Le Page
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