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Meher Baba

On the 26th [of December, 1955], Baba distributed copies of his new book, God Speaks. Mehera & Mani each received a signed copy.

Kumar was now living with the mandali in Satara and wondered why all of Baba's books were published in English. "Why not publish something in Hindi, for Indians?" he asked.

Baba replied, "I have come specially for the West this time. If you ask any illiterate Indian on the street 'Where is God?' he will humbly reply with folded hands, 'I don't know,' but inside his heart he knows, he has that feeling, that respect of how to love God. But in the West, people only follow the priests, go to church, bow down at the altar — they don't know how to love God. This, they will have to learn. They don't know how to approach God; that relationship with Him does not exist."


MEHERA-MEHER, Vol. 3, p. 145, David Fenster
2003 © David Fenster


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