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K. K. Ramakrishnan

Love is where fear is not. Of all kinds of fears that lurk in the mind-heart of man, death is the deep rooted. Fear of death may probably be the motive force for early inquiries into the mystery of creation which gave birth to the primitive religious ideas of hell and heaven as worlds where men go after death.

Truth unfolds itself to those who seek fearlessly, not to those who conform out of fear. The habit of accepting without question, without intelligent inquiry what has been passed on to us by tradition made man dull and stupid and hence he is unable to appreciate and accept the beauty of life unfolded for him by masters who have access to all spheres and planes and planets in existence.

Unquestionable acceptance of what has been told or recorded in books made us incapable of any meaningful inquiry resulting in superstition enslaving the spirit of man in the name of spirituality and exploitation of his material well being in the name of religion or politics.

Direct, undimmed knowledge of the truth of the whole life of man is available to the Perfect Masters and the Avatar who control the creation and guide the affairs of the world of men and creatures.

Although direct knowledge of truth requires considerable spiritual perception, nevertheless even correct intellectual understanding of the relationships of one's life to other forms and spheres of existence plays an important part in restoring mankind to a healthy outlook.

The Avatar unfolds the avenues of understanding to give man an intellectual insight, intuitive vision of the truth and helps those that are prepared to experience the truth.


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