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Meher Baba

Oh, my dear nightingales, don't be disappointed with the old age of spring but keep on singing, and while singing become so thirsty that you drown in My Ocean of Silence. Then you will find My eternally new Song. When you sing this Song you will find that spring has become young once again.

I want to hear your song. Don't feel disappointed with the old age of spring and don't make Me disappointed in you. Drink the cup of My pleasure, and, having derived strength from it, continue singing. Allow others to hear your song too. You will be able to revive the youthfulness of spring, but to accomplish this you have to drown in My Silence and find My Song.

All these years during the full-bloom of the springtime of My Advent you have seen My Glory in the gathering of my lovers singing together, and you have offered the flowers of your hearts at My feet. Now don't be disappointed but continue to gather together with all enthusiasm and drown in the Ocean of My Silence so that you may find My new Song. That Song will make spring burst into full bloom again, and you will happily derive the pleasure of union in the midst of separation. This separation will even swallow up time and space one day, and you will find yourself smiling in the lap of infinity. You will become eternally immortal.

Your Baba is Baba, and He has come down on earth to give you the cup of immortality. Your Baba is always with you; even if you wanted to leave Him you cannot do so.

Therefore, My dear nightingales, let Me hear your song. Your Baba wants to hear it. Will you not make Him pleased?


LETTERS FROM THE MANDALI, Vol 2, pp. 110-111, ed. Jim Mistry
1983 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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