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Bill Le Page

The next morning we assembled in Mandali Hall and awaited Beloved Baba's arrival at 8:00 a.m. He was carried each morning by four of His men in His special chair from the main house where He lived to His office — always known as Mandali Hall. At the door nearest the house He alighted, and with His hand on Francis's arm He would walk the length of the hall three times. On His arrival He was greeted by us with folded hands, standing of course, and we watched His movement as He walked up and down.

He then sat, and we all settled down Indian fashion on each side of the room. Facing Baba right to left, Francis was seated on a cushion, Eruch on a mat beneath a window for light, then myself, Meherwan (Eruch's brother, at Meherazad for his annual two weeks' holiday always spent with Baba), Bhau, Pendu, and Aloba when he was called by Baba, mainly for quotes from Hafiz. On Baba's side, Kaka faced towards Him, sitting on a chair, and behind him sat Baidul, also on a chair, when his physical condition permitted it.

It was only after we were all seated that Baba really acknowledged my presence by saying, "Bill seems just like one of the mandali." That naturally made me happy; I felt comfortable and, more important, felt that I was not being intrusive to His comfort.

I felt no necessity to continually look at Him. I was simply content to be there and do His bidding. I like to think now that a measure of His acceptance of me was that He did not put on any special show for my benefit.

As an example of what I mean by this, when the old cook from Meherazad, who lived at Meherabad, walked the fifteen miles on His birthday to greet Him, He allowed her to see Him and He became for those few minutes the gracious, beautiful, welcoming Being of the darshan and sahavas occasions. The neck brace was removed, and to me it seemed as though even the structure and texture of His face changed, He glowed like the sun, and my heart turned over with His beauty and His enveloping warmth towards that simple, loving woman.

Then with her departure, the neck brace was replaced, and He became again God suffering, at work in His office.

1993 © Bill Le Page


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