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In India we find people without spiritual authority allowing others to bow down to them. Even one of my old followers, after many years of contact with me, left me 30 years ago and established an ashram at Nasik. You have seen or heard of it as a place of spiritual pilgrimage.

He used to tell people, 'Baba has made me his charge-man'. People paid homage to him. The news reached me and I sent one man to tell him to stop all this display and nonsense and come to me. He didn't listen. He was very happy with his surroundings.

Three years passed and he established a big following, among whom was a very beautiful woman. It was not a proper marriage and the woman conceived. The police heard of it and the man got frightened. He left and ran to me. Then I reminded him that he did not come three years ago when I called. Now he should either go back and settle with the police or stay with me when he would get leprosy.

There is no mention of this in any of the books, but it is recorded in Chanji's diary. He stayed with me and got leprosy, all the time repenting. I forgave him and instructed him to go out and beg for his food, to be without money or women. Not to stay anywhere but to return after a year.

He roamed about for two years and came back. He was cured of the disease. Now he loves me fully and longs to tell everyone about me.


THE GOD-MAN, pp. 312-313, C. B. Purdom
1971 © Meher Spiritual Center Inc.


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