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Eruch Jessawala

So how does God get His attributes? Baba Himself answered this question.

One day we were sitting with Baba, and on His own He raised this very question. Baba then answered it for us. He said, 'Attributes are given by humans who love Me and want to glorify Me. But who am I? I am infinite and eternal Existence. All the attributes showered upon Me stem from My being infinite eternal Existence, infinite Existence, infinite.'

Baba told us this twice, three times, to bring home to us the idea of infinity. Baba continued, 'That means if I am infinite Existence there is no nook or cranny where I am not, and so people give Me the attribute of being omnipresent.'

'Now, My being omnipresent means that there is no place where I am not. If I am everywhere, then nothing is hidden from Me, and if nothing is hidden from Me, then I must know everything, so they give Me the attribute of Omniscience, all-knowing. And when I become in their eyes omniscient, then I must know how to create. Doesn't it follow that if I know everything, I must know how to create? So I become the Creator. And I must know how to preserve, so I become the Preserver. I know how to dissolve so I become the Dissolver, so the Holy Trinity is attributed to Me. And if I am omnipresent, omniscient, and the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer, then it is only natural for me to be all bliss.'

Then Baba turns to us and says, 'What does it imply when I say I am omniscient, that I know everything? What must My experience be like?'

So we said, 'Well, You must experience that You know everything.'

'No, no,' Baba said, 'I don't want dictionary definitions, tell Me what My experience must be like.'

So we all tried in some way or other, but none of our answers satisfied Baba, so, as always, Baba came to our rescue and told us, 'My experience is that there is nothing to know.'

'Anyone wanting to know anything is a poor attempt to become it. But if I am anything and everything, there is nothing for Me to know, because I am that. I don't have to know it, I am already it. So My experience of being all-knowing is that there is nothing to know. I am everything. I am without attributes, that is My state, but mankind has showered attributes on Me, to glorify Me, to remember Me.'

Do you follow? You don't have to study yourself to know all about you. I am not you, so if I want to know what your likes and dislikes are, what you're thinking, I have to study you, I have to ask you a lot of questions, but you know all that because you are that. So if Baba is everything, then He knows everything. He doesn't have to study anything. He doesn't have to think about anything because He automatically knows it because He is it. You see?


THE DIVINE HUMANITY OF MEHER BABA, Vol 3, pp. 152-153, Bill Le Page
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