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Murshida Ivy O. Duce

The spiritual path is a most portentous subject. God is so vast and the Path is so steep and long, and for those who have read God Speaks I can assure you there is a great deal more to the Path than worrying about the planes of consciousness.

You would not take an unknown road in the dark, really, without a lantern or a flashlight. And, you would not go to the North Pole without a guide. Yet, it seems the one thing that people in our country, or even in the western world resist the most is the idea that they need a guide.

The Path is the most rugged and the most mysterious in existence, and yet every human being has to travel it someday. The question so far as you are concerned is, "When?"...

I heard a minister say one day that he could no longer pray to that "fuzz" up in the sky. He did not even know that God was in his own heart and closer to him than his jugular vein. People do not know where to look for light and guidance, especially these days. Young people today have been so busy complaining about the material progress that they continually, as I say, throw out the baby with the bath water.

There always has been much good in the world. And do not forget, it is God's world. It is not ours, and He really is running it although we do have misgivings about that at times.


SUFISM, p. 43-44
1971 © Sufism Reoriented, Inc.


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