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W. D. Kain

During the night of 28th/29th January, 1953, Shri Arvindo Ghosh appeared to me in a dream. He said, "I kept this body/left this body in the hope that Shri Meher Baba will help me, but he does not seem to have done this...."

The dream was so clear that it made me realise that Shri Arvindo Ghosh was leaving the body/expiring. I left my bed immediately and after my bath and prayer, I contacted the Hindustan Times; they told me that Arvindo Ghosh expired last night.

I felt very restless and was not in a position to work with equanimity. So after luncheon I left for Dheradun, where Baba was then stationed during his Fiery Free life. Since I did not know the exact place where Baba or his Mandali were staying, I drove direct to the Post Office and reached there late in the night.

I contacted the Post Master at his nearby residence and when I divulged my identity, he readily agreed to find out the whereabouts of Baba's Mandali. After a while he gave me an address of the Mandali, who were staying at No. 101, Rajpura Road.

When I reached the place, I found the entire Bungalow in darkness; electric lights had apparently been switched off. Dr. Neelkanth, with a lantern placed near his chair, was sitting in the veranda. With a sign he told me that he was keeping silence and that I should go in and sleep.

I entered the main hall which was not occupied by anybody and spread my bathtowel on the floor. Due to the presence of mosquitoes, it was impossible to sleep, so I used my dhoti (a long cloth used for bathing or dress for prayers) to cover my body....

At 6 o'clock Brother Eruch came into the room, when I had just uncovered my face, and he was relieved to find that the "dead body" had come to life. The silence was over at 6 a.m. and he said "Kain Sahib, you kept us on tenter hooks throughout the night, for we could not identify who or what was lying in our room."

Formalities over, I told him what had brought me so suddenly to Dheradun. Here was a message from the departing soul of a Saint to the Perfect Master of the Age. The message was relayed to Baba immediately at his residence and I was taken there to explain the whole incident.

On listening to my account Baba said, "Kutta Jane Chamra Jane ... You don't worry. I'll deal with this." Baba then gave me a very loving embrace or maybe he kissed me which brought me to my normal self.

1993 © W. D. Kain


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