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Bhau Kalchuri

"You are My trusted one. My Mandali members are My trusted ones. I can trust them, because if anything happens, their faith in Me will not shake. They have rock-like faith, and therefore I rely on them. They are My asset and the medium of My Universal Work....

"Then there is another category of people who love Me. But their love and faith are not as strong as My Mandali members, whom I use for My Universal Work. There also are real lovers, and this category is separate....

"The difference between the circle members and lovers is that circle members are used for Universal Work, while lovers are not. But such lovers as Kalyan are rare....

"Everyone is an actor in Creation, and he or she acts according to his or her impressions (sanskaras).... But there are a few actors who can follow the instruction of the director, and the director relies upon them. He gives them any instruction without hesitation, so that they may act to help others. I take upon the burden of their sanskaras by giving them vidyanic sanskaras. These vidyanic sanskaras can wipe out their binding sanskaras. Then I use these few actors for My Universal Work. They are My trusted ones.

"The real lovers who do not expect anything from Me, who remain dedicated to Me and surrender to Me, are also My trusted ones. But for the others I have to work and work and work. I suffer and suffer and suffer to make them the best actors so that they may not remain bound by their acting, but become bound by My pleasure....

"The emotional ones exhibit emotion but they do not hesitate to torture My lovers and Circle members in order to show their love. I have to put up with all of them because they are My children....

"Therefore Bhau, I tell you, you are passing through different things because you are tortured. Don't worry, you are My trusted one. I know how you have established the Trust. After I dropped My body, in order to fulfill My instructions, how you wrote many books, working continuously day and night. Then you took up the Trust work. I know how difficult it was to establish the Trust under the law, but you did it. How?

"Because I did it Myself, through you. You are My medium, and now you are spending all your energy for the development of the Trust. You are also careful, like My other Mandali members, who never have any distinction of race, religion, caste, creed, sex or nationality. You realize that I am in them, and only I exist. Because you work for Me in order to serve My Cause, you keep all these distinctions away and never think about duality. You always think about Unity, because you, like all My Mandali members, are My trusted ones.

"So do not lose heart and go on serving Me in a way that you think is under My Wish. I am with you, and I will never fail you. You may be proved a complete failure by the world. But I tell you, you are winning in My love. I trust you. What more do you want?"

...One thing Beloved Baba also told me through His silent voice in my heart is, "How much care I take for you. Have you any idea? You suffered from heart trouble. Immediately, Dr. Anne, Freeman, Max and your Shiva came to help you. Others also helped you. Then Sheela and David came from America. They all have been helping you. They do not neglect you. Though I am making you helpless, at the same time I provide help to you.

"Just see. A wave has become very strong in My Ocean, and all My lovers have become One. Because of their love for Me, they have become your strength.... Know well, I am extremely pleased with you, because you salute and bow down to the love My lovers have for Me. So now, knowing fully well that I am your strength and that your helplessness is such that it gives you more and more strength, be happy and cheerful."


AWAKENINGS, pp. 28-31
2011 © Bhau Kalchuri


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