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Jean Adriel

One evening, as they were playing a new game of marbles in the compound, under specially provided electric lights, another of Baba's soul-testing dramas was staged. Ramjoo, a married disciple, had been rather concerned about the health of his only son who had been ill for sometime. He was also troubled about his wife who was pregnant. On this evening he arrived at the Ashram visibly worried because he had not heard from them.

He went out to the compound where all the disciples were absorbed in the new game. Baba, as usual, was in a happy mood, until Ramjoo arrived. Instead of the cheerful word with which he always greeted every member of the Ashram family, he gave Ramjoo a grave look. Then he turned to another disciple and asked: "Shall we tell him now?"

Replying in an equally serious tone, the disciple suggested it would be more considerate to give Ramjoo the news after dinner. A few minutes later, Baba said: "I think it better we tell him about the telegram now."

Then he told Ramjoo bluntly that his son has passed away. Scarcely before Ramjoo could react to this sudden shock, Baba ordered him to join the others in their game. For a moment he was too dazed to move, but quickly collecting himself, he obeyed Baba's command. In speaking of this experience, Ramjoo says that the electric lights were swimming before his eyes, and the players appeared like shadows in a horrible nightmare, as he mechanically joined in the sport.

As soon as Ramjoo had, without hesitation, fulfilled the command, Baba called him back and handed him the telegram. The message read that Ramjoo had another son, and that all was well with his family! Thus does the Master train all his disciples to rise above personal pain or sorrow, that they may eventually realize the unconditioned life of God.

AVATAR, pp. 72-73
1947 © Jean Adriel


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