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Bhau Kalchuri

Meher Baba and Sadashiv arrived in Sakori early in the morning on October 15th. On the same day, Daulatmai had also arrived with her two daughters, Freiny and Mehera.

While Maharaj's niece, Ganga, was giving them a tour, they heard footsteps descending a nearby staircase. Ganga told Mehera and Freiny, "Merwanji, Maharaj's closest disciple, is coming." Meher Baba swiftly descended the stairs and walked past them, giving Mehera her first opportunity of seeing him, though she was very shy.

Although no words were spoken, it was a great moment in silence. Our Age was destined to be deeply moved by its significance. Mehera's heart was struck by his countenance and sang out:

"At last, at last! I've seen the Lord at last!"

Mehera's mother, Daulatmai, had met the Master before when she had been to Sakori, but she had not explained to her daughters about Upasni Maharaj or Meher Baba.

Later, in Upasni Maharaj's thatched hut, Mehera and her mother and sister were seated on the floor when Meher Baba entered. With folded hands, he stood before Maharaj, who beckoned him to leave and wait outside under a nearby mango tree. He immediately bowed to Maharaj and left, circling the hut three times performing what is known to Hindus as parikrama — reverently honoring the Guru's abode.

Seeing Meher Baba's love for his Master touched Mehera's heart. The Divine Song had called her awakening heart to Sakori, and he himself had traveled here only to meet her. Her tears were now crying:

Oh Song! How humble you are! How beautiful you are!

And the Song replied:

"I am yours forever and you are mine. Because I am humble, my melody will melt the hardest stone!"

Mehera spontaneously longed to be with Meher Baba and the voice of our Age whispered:

Pure one! Soon you will join your beloved Lord, and the lute of your life will play his sweet song every day!


LORD MEHER, 1st USA ed, Vol. 2, pp. 443-445
1987 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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