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Judith Garbett

I have some especially lovely memories of being with Mehera in the Samadhi on various occasions in the early 1980s when she and the women mandali came for darshan and Arti. Not as many pilgrims were present in those days and three or four could stand inside the Samadhi below the platform without crowding the mandali.

First taking darshan at Baba's feet, Mehera would then move up near His head on the left-hand side on the platform. Kneeling down, she would slowly and most lovingly lay first one cheek, and then the other, on the covering spread over the Marble, kissing it, and at times she would gently reach out as though caressing or embracing Baba. Her thoughts being with Him, Mehera seemed unaware of anyone else there. Her love for Baba welled up so strongly, tangibly filling the Samadhi like a most beautiful perfume. It was deeply moving to be there and always brought tears.

After a few moments Mehera would rise, and flower-nets and garlands would be laid over Baba with some of the pilgrims helping to do this. Still on the platform, Mehera would choose the loveliest single flowers, usually roses, from a shallow basket which the mandali had brought. First touching them to her eyes and holding them to her heart, she would offer each flower in turn to Baba, and with most loving care place them over Him in exactly the positions she wanted for Him amongst the garlands and other flowers already there.

Then she would move down the platform and sit on the edge. Sometimes while sitting there looking towards Baba she would not be quite satisfied with the appearance of a flower, and so she would again go and gently move it a little, or open out the petals, until she was happy that it was just right for Him.

In the later years, although Mehera did not continue to offer these outward caresses to Baba in the Samadhi, her love for her Beloved constantly flowed to Him from her innermost being. To be in the Samadhi with Mehera was to feel Beloved Baba's ever-beautiful Presence and His Love for her and for all, as well as being aware of the heart-touching sweetness and purity of her love for Him.


LIVES OF LOVE, The Women Mandali, p. 11
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