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Bal Natu

As Aloba and Baba came walking briskly up the road, Baba spotted the man standing some distance away and asked Aloba who he was and why he was there. Aloba quickly confessed that he had told the man he could stand there because the man's love was so great that he couldn't resist permitting him to have just a glimpse from a distance of his Beloved.

Baba told Aloba to call the man and when he came forward Baba gestured, "Did you not receive the Circular? Don't you know that I am engaged in seclusion work and do not wish to see anyone?" The man admitted that he knew this, but justified his presence by saying, "Baba, Your love has brought me here. I just wanted one glimpse of Your divine form." Baba replied, "Well, you have seen Me, now leave immediately for Dehra Dun."

The man did not go. Instead, to Aloba's astonishment, he began to pour out his problems to Baba. "Great misfortune has befallen me," he complained. "I have several court cases lodged against me; my wife has fallen very ill, and I cannot find a suitable match for my dear daughter."

As the man related one problem after another, Baba looked at Aloba in such a way that he understood that he had completely miscalculated the man's intentions. Baba was pointing this out to him. Aloba had believed the man had come just for love, but he had really come to ask for Baba's blessings to relieve him of his predicaments. Aloba felt embarrassed and was also chagrined because he knew that this would disturb Baba in His inner spiritual work.

When the man had finished pouring out his heart, Baba assured him, "Don't worry about your problems and difficulties. What has a beginning also has an end. I am with you. You have My love and that is the most important thing. Now take My love and return." This did not satisfy the man, who went on, "Baba, please bless me so that I shall be relieved of all my difficulties."

"Better than My blessings is to face your difficulties with My love."

"No, Baba, please, I want your blessings."

"If you insist on My blessings now, you will forget Me; you will end up losing Me," Baba warned him. "How is that possible?" the man argued. "How can I forget my Baba who is so dear to me? I will never forget you, but I need your blessings."

Baba continued to try to persuade the man simply to return with His love. When the man could not be convinced, Baba became very serious, and right there on the road He bowed down and put His forehead on the man's feet, pleading with him not to ask for His blessings during this phase of seclusion. It is really astonishing to see to what lengths the Avatar will go to try to preserve His love connection once it is consciously established with His lovers. What striking humility, what humbling compassion He has for any of His wayward lovers.

Despite Baba's bowing down to his feet, the man remained adamant and insisted that Baba bless him. Finally Baba gestured, "All right, I give you My blessings," and He moved on.

The man was delighted with what he thought was his good fortune and returned to Dehra Dun in a completely different frame of mind. And, sure enough, soon his whole situation began to change. One court case after another was settled in his favor, his wife recovered her health, his daughter was happily married, and he himself started a business and became very prosperous. Yet, simultaneously, he began to "lose" Baba. That loving remembrance began to wane and, as time passed, he seemed to slowly fall out of Baba's orbit, never again coming to see Him, even once. He got what he wanted, but he lost what the Avatar wanted to give him — the real treasure of His precious remembrance.

GLIMPSES OF THE GOD-MAN, Vol. 6, pp. 215-217
1994 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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