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Part 1


Meher Baba

Man, becoming God, achieves perfection, but when man, after consciously becoming God, returns to gross consciousness as man, he has achieved the supreme perfection. Such a Perfect Master is not only God, but lives the life of God as man.

Perfection does not merely mean escaping from the Mayavic law. The perfect Master is in Maya and simultaneously beyond it. He is amidst the law of karma but not bound by it. Whatever his actions, they are non-actions, for the actions which bind ordinary man are not only non-binding when performed by the Perfect Master, but are channels for his universal spiritual work of liberating mankind from the ignorance of Maya.

The Perfect Masters are free from freedom itself, and so are free even from the non-actions that they perform for their universal work.

To those who wish to know about my activities I can only say that as far as my inner life and internal activities are concerned, only God and those who are one with God can know and understand. As far as my external activities are concerned regarding my work with the God-intoxicated, saints, "sadhus" and the poor, of contacting them, working with them, serving them and bowing down to them in devotion, they have all been recorded by a disciple of mine [William Donkin] in The Wayfarers.


LIFE AT ITS BEST, pp. 63-67
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