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Bhau Kalchuri

The Avatar has a conscious universal mind, and every individual limited mind is in his universal mind. Each individual mind is limited because each has binding sanskaras, and these binding sanskaras pull us into illusion. The binding of the sanskaras of each individual mind is the burden of the universe which the Avatar has to bear. These binding sanskaras of each individual pull the Avatar into illusion, and once he is established in illusion the Avatar works to pull them toward his Truth.

During the physical presence of the Avatar on earth, he works to make provisions to weaken the pull of illusion. During the time when he is dropping his body, he releases the forces of those provisions — the yogayoga sanskaras, his divine freeing impressions. While he is releasing himself from his physical body, actions and reactions take place in the universe on such a tremendous scale that the very pull of illusion is weakened in everyone and everything. Thereafter the universe is pulled by the INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS in perfect balance with Reality without any tug-of-war. At that very moment the body of the Avatar drops.

The taking on of our sanskaras by the Avatar does not actually occur, since our individual limited minds are already in his universal mind. This means the binding sanskaras of everyone and everything in the universe are already in him. When he wipes out the binding of each individual mind through his divine free impressions, the burden of the whole universe is lessened.

Binding is a burden, and since each one in the universe is bound in illusion and by illusion, each one of us is a burden to him!

To make each free from his [or her] own burden, he has to work and has to suffer. Suffering is always with him, because he has to work continually to lessen the bindings of each one.

When the world does not pay heed to his call, his suffering increases. When the Avatar declares, "Follow Me," and we follow, his work becomes easier. But when we hesitate to follow, his work becomes more difficult. When we hesitate, he must catch hold of our hand and to pull us he must exert himself. His work still becomes more difficult when he pulls us toward him, because then we pull him toward us. Actually this tug-of-war takes place in all of us, and so it requires tremendous exertion to pull each of us to him.

Those who won't budge, he lifts up on his shoulders and carries them toward the path of Truth, but there are some of those who won't even let him carry them far — fighting him all the way. Some of these he drops, but he is so compassionate and forgiving, that he goes back for them and does not leave them behind. Thus he suffers to help each one.

Meher Baba is the Lord of the universe, and when we recognize him as this, tears will not be enough to wash the stains of our ignorance!


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