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Ivy O. Duce

One evening I noticed, on the road, a bird which had been hit by a car and I stopped and ran over to get it. It died as I touched it and repeated Baba's name. Later I asked Baba what happens with regard to karma if one's car strikes and kills an animal or bird. Baba's reply was that the driver of the car assumes the karma, and the only exception to that is if Baba is riding in it, whereupon he assumes the results of the karma. I do not know, but would assume that the same answer might apply to any Perfect Master.

At the Great Darshan in 1969 I asked Eruch how it could be possible for a person to take on the sanskaras of a bird or any animal. Taken by surprise, Eruch came up with the following thoughts:

1. Killing a person by a car would be judged by the motives involved. Every case would be different.

2. One does not pick up the sanskaras of those whom one kills if one drives at moderate speed and is careful.

3. A respectable person begs one dollar from you, with which he buys alcohol and then kills his wife. Who takes on the sanskaras?

4. If you ever get stuck on a spiritual question, just take it from the gross point of view.


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