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Ramjoo Abdulla

Doctor [Ghani], who has been exempted by Baba from the cricket play in the morning to pass the time in sleep instead, since late, is not quite finding the favour very fruitful.

The back room facing the compound with scores of glass windows, all round the two sides of the room occupied by Doctor, has of late become a target for Baba to send his well-driven balls through. Occasionally, to the great merriment of all, Doctor used to bring out his head with half-blinking eyes whenever a pane went out with a crash and a shower of splintering glass in his room. So much so that because of teasing Doctor, Baba has almost cleared half the windows of glass, but Doctor too is grimly sticking to his sweet sleep!

But this morning, being rather sound asleep, Doctor got a real shock because of an exceptionally fast ball catching a big pane in the centre. For about ten minutes he had to sit with his hands pressed against his heart. However, after this, Baba has asked Doctor to change the time of his extra nap to the afternoon, to avoid the repetition of the shock, even through accident.


RAMJOO'S DIARIES 1922-1929, p. 144
1979 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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